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Perform the Development Effort Using Known Familiar Proven Industry, Organizational, and Project Best Practices

Because requirements activities permeate the development process, it is important to address best practices for the development effort. The project environment includes the people, practices, processes, mechanisms, methods, techniques, and tools that are used to support the development activities. Project management is a crucial factor. Your attention to several recommendations will enhance your project environment and facilitate project management.

The practices of effective communications, collecting requirements from various viewpoints, configuration management, quality assurance, use of subcontractors, metrics, and systematically involving the customer in the entire project effort are proven ways to facilitate project success. Deployment and use of defect prevention, technology change management, and process change management processes also support the achievement of better results. The ability to manage a project quantitatively reflects a mature approach. Re-insertion of technology, reuses of artifacts, and repeatability of processes save effort and money, and help to ensure the development of leading edge products. The habits and attitudes of the performers in mature organizations can help create a productive and enjoyable environment.