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The requirements process is a full system life cycle set of activities.
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The Requirements Process

The requirements process is a full system life cycle set of activities that includes:

  • Understanding the customer's needs and expectations
  • Identifying the requirements
  • Analyzing the requirements
  • Defining the requirements
  • Clarifying and restating the requirements
  • Prioritizing requirements
  • Deriving requirements
  • Partitioning requirements
  • Allocating requirements
  • Tracking requirements
  • Managing requirements
  • Testing and verifying requirements
  • Validating requirements

Requirements development and project management need additional attention as key factors in the success of systems and software development projects. This web site addresses both managerial and technical requirements issues. These topics are discussed in detail in Dr. Young's books, articles and presentations.

Process Components

Process Components
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RE300_Flowchart RE300_Description



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