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One of the most important roles of the program or project manager is to foster an environment amongst the members of the project team that is characterized by good teamwork.  In my experience, this is one of the most important skills that distinguishes successful projects from those that are less successful or fail.

You’ll likely benefit from reviewing my comments on this subject on pages40, 235, and 247-248 of Effective Requirements Practices.

See also Chapter 5, Fostering Effective Teamwork, in Project Requirements: A Guide to Best Practices.

See also Chapter 6, Building a Team, in How to Save a Failing Project.

The following book and associated Web site provide valuable information and insights on the subject:

Maxwell, John C. The 17 Essential Qualities of a Team Player. Nashville, Tennessee: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2002.

Teamwork enables projects and organizations to be more effective (produce better and more results quicker). It also fosters personal fulfillment—it makes work more satisfying, which in turn encourages retention. Creating a team-oriented workplace requires an intentional effort by management (sponsorship, training, and personal example) and a selfless attitude on the part of everyone that needs to be cultivated and encouraged. The focus changes from concentration on self to fostering good relationships with others. John Maxwell has written twenty-five books concerning leadership. In this book, he offers an on-going learning experience: read the book, apply suggestions in the “Bringing It Home” section in each chapter, and utilize materials available online at to gauge your strengths and weaknesses and further your personal and professional development. He challenges you to embrace the qualities of a team player to become the kind of person every team wants. Recommended doing for anyone.