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              Testing Equipment

              The company has advanced and complete testing and analysis equipment. There are six laboratories: Mechanical performance testing room, Electrical performance testing room, Chemical analysis laboratory, Graph analysis laboratory, Combustion performance testing room, and Material aging assessment laboratory. These analysis and testing methods are the foundation of the company's technology research and development and quality control.

              Quality system   

              The company has always implemented the quality policy of "Leading technology, Excellent quality, Continuous improvement, and Customer satisfaction", and has passed the ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system. The products have passed the testing certification of UL, TUV of Germany, ROHS and Reach of the EU, FDA of the United States, SGS and other testing certifications, realizing the industry certification and wide recognition of global product quality.

              Manufacturing capacity 

              The company has more than a dozen highly automated production lines with a production capacity of 8,000 tons per year. The production line has advanced technology and precise control, which is the guarantee for the company to serve customers efficiently.

              Staff team   

              The company attaches great importance to the introduction and training of talents, and has established a professional team composed of senior doctors and masters, with strong technical research and development capabilities and high management levels. The company also attaches great importance to the construction and management of the grassroots staff team, and has cultivated a skilled, experienced and responsible front-line staff team, who are a powerful guarantee for stable product quality. 

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